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Frequently Asked Questions

1- What is your favourite band?

TOOL is Religion disguised as progressive Metal.

2- Who is your favourite dancer?

Rachel Brice is Religion disguised as the Les Claypool of Fusion Bellydance.

For Egyptian Greats, Mona Said is the Queen.

3- Are you Covid Cautious?

Sure am! I've been vaccinated with Pfizer and a mask just adds to the fun in my weird world.

4-Do you teach Yoga?

No, only Bellydance for now.  While yes I am a graduate of VSOHA 240 hour YTT program, my area of focus is Bellydance. What this means is my dance instruction is further enriched by teacher training. The wisdom I gained there all goes toward crafting the best quality Metal Fusion Bellydance class experience that I can offer.

I am however connected with that community and I encourage Every Body to try Yoga. If you're curious, for your health I say go for it! I'd be happy to recommend a teacher I sense would be a good fit for you. If you're shy I'll help with a warm introduction so you feel as comfortable with them as you do with me

5- How does one pronounce "Amadéa", is that even your real name?

A Weirdo like me? No doubt I was born with it! 

Brace for Data impact:

Amadéa is Latin of origin, rooted in Amadeus which means to love the Masculine aspect of divinity:

Ama (Love) Deus (God) 

Amadéa, is the Feminine version and it means to love the Feminine aspects of Divinity:

Ama (Love) Déa (Goddess)

Cool, hey? 

Alright, get heavy for a breakdown all phonetic like here we go:

Syllables are 4 counts:


-Ah-mah (like saying 'I'm a' but leading with an A)

-DAY-uh (call it a Day and end it with an A)

And again!



Fun fact: the accent on the E isn't just for show, its a French thing that's a cheat code for how to pronounce vowels!

Make sense?

Let me know if it's still gnarly in the noodle or muzzle, it's a weird name and I don't expect you to nail it first go. I've been living with it my whole life trust me I've heard it all and I understand: Everybody learns everything new for the first time. Said it before I'll say it again: It's not about the fall, what matters is the recovery. 

6- Where is your Secret Beach?

A Lady is allowed her secrets! I won't tell a soul...

More to come!

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